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Alveda King: Martin Luther King had a Non Violent Standard

Evangelist Alveda King: Oh, Omarosa

I’ve been praying hard about the Omarosa situation. I and a colleague had an opportunity to sit down with her at the White House a few months ago. At no time, on any of these occasions, did Omarosa express any of the concerns we are hearing about now. It is sad and so troubling that many have shunned Omarosa for having a long term business relationship as well as a friendship with POTUS to such an extent that she is now so desperate that she’s willing to tell lies for money and to seek the good graces of whoever is willing to buy into these allegations. It’s undeniable that President Trump has done his best with her and other business associates; putting confidence into them to make opportunities for all to flourish. 

Since Omarosa and President Trump were supposed to be friends, this is a tough one. It’s easy to fight people you don’t know but since they were colleagues and were on a first name basis, this one will require much prayer. No matter the outside pressure; she could have walked away any time. Or she could have been a better friend and pulled him to the side and said so if something was being done that was inappropriate. We can also respect what we know for sure about President Trump. 

Babies and children are safer inside and outside the womb. Prayer is returning to the public square…. My friends, keep praying for America. 

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Charleston Republicans honor Black History Month

As the brass section of the Burke High School band grew louder, the sold-out and mostly white crowd at The Citadel’s Holliday Alumni Center fumbled through the tune, uncertain of the words beyond the first few lines. Many glanced around the room, while others stared down at the song’s lyrics printed on the back of the program. The event’s keynote speaker Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King Jr., was determined for a more triumphant rendition. When she took to the podium, King emphasized that people are more alike than they are different, even when it comes to race. She demanded another attempt at the iconic song. 

Without the backing of the band, King led the room in singing the song that has deep meaning for the Civil Rights movement. The event hosted by the Charleston County Republican Party and The Citadel Republican Society sought to honor six Charleston-area African Americans for their contributions. Gov. Henry McMaster introduced King and said more events like this are needed. Each honoree thanked God and family members for their support. 

A few, like North Charleston Police Chief Reggie Burgess, dwelled on themes of humility and love. Larry Kobrovsky, chairman of the county party, said the event was about unity rather than division at a time of polarization. 

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WATCH: John Gray, Alveda King Flank Donald Trump for Big Announcement

Relentless Church pastor John Gray and evangelist Alveda King flanked President Donald Trump during a White House meeting with pastors. Lunch meeting with President Trump today at the Whitehouse regarding Urban Revitalization, Prison Reform, and other concerns. Several inner city Pastors have also been invited to participate. Some of the faith leaders, like White, spent time in the nation’s capital before the roundtable. RealDonaldTrump with faith leaders in meeting happening now. 

Now: President Trump listening as inner city pastors, mostly African-American, thank him and most praise him – for boldness, being a man of his word, listening. He clearly loves these kinds of events, including this one. Prison reform – workforce development – partnering w/ faith based community pic. Ben Kennedy August 1, 2018 #Trump meeting with these pastors on prison reform. Deborah, Esther and Anna carried a profound anointing. 

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Roberts Wesleyan College’s fifth annual Anna L. Witteman Symposium will take place on Monday, Oct. 2, and will feature Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, a noted civil rights activist. The free event will take place on campus from 11 a.m. 

to noon in Hale Auditorium and is open to the public. She is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, mother and grandmother, and a respected lecturer, former college professor, author, mentor, stage and screen actress, Georgia state legislator and presidential appointee. She often appears on television and is heard on radio shows across the world. Her media appearances have included CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Huckabee, Beck, Hannity, and other national and global media hosts. For more news articles, you can take a look at our archive. 

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Alveda King, MLK’s niece: ‘I voted for Mr. Trump’

Prominent conservative activist Alveda King, the niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., revealed Monday that she cast a vote for President-elect Donald Trump. Ms. King, a former Georgia state representative who now serves as director for Civil Rights for the Unborn and Gospel of Life Ministries, told American Thinker that she’s been praying for Mr. Trump and his adversaries to unite and work together. Ms. 

King, 65, made similar comments following Mr. Trump’s Election Day victory, saying she hoped the new president would bring racial healing to the country. The Washington Times Comment PolicyThe Washington Times welcomes your comments on, our third-party provider. 

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